Diversified Aviation Consulting Courses Approved for IA Renewal Credit Company: Diversified Aviation Consulting (DAC)

Diversified Aviation Consulting (DAC) announces FAA approval of the following courses for IA renewal credits: Human Factors, It All Starts with Maintenance, Human Factors Beyond the Dirty Dozen, Risk Management, Safe Towing Practices, and Tiredness and Fatigue Awareness in live seminar presentation at your facility.

Many accidents are a result of not only human error but a lack of training. DAC’s goal is to minimize and prevent aviation accidents and incidents relating to human error and a lack of risk management. This offering makes it easy for IAs to obtain all 8 required renewal education credits in only one day, without having to leave their facility.

Other courses offered by DAC through partnership with Aviation Training Academy are directed toward airport operations, specifically, FBOs, corporate flight departments, municipalities, fueling agents, line service technicians, and mechanics include; Line Service Technician Certification; 14 CFR 139 Supervisor Certification; 14 CFR 139 Auditor’s Practical Checklist for Completing 14 CFR139 Inspection; FBO Preparation for the 14 CFR 139 Inspection, and Self Fueling Operations.

All courses meet the latest industry training standards for aviation support personnel and Diversified Aviation Consulting certification is provided at the successful completion of each course. “This training is both an affordable and convenient way to accomplish I/A Renewal Training, especially with the March 31st deadline for completed training quickly approaching” stated DeborahAnn Cavalcante, president of DAC.