Conference Programme – Day Two

Preliminary Conference Programme

Conference Programme Day One

DAY TWO – Wednesday 20th June 2018

9:00am – 10:30am – Systems Integration Testing

With aircraft architecture being more integrated than ever before, and networks needing to incorporate greater amounts of technologies and data, how can we ensure compliance of complex systems?
Chair: Aziz Tahiri, ECA Group

  • Effective Testing of IFE Systems – Serdar Uzumcu, Systems Engineer, Havelsan
  • Network Integration Testing for SAE AS6802 and ARINC 664-based Integrated Architectures – Mirko Jakovljevic, TTTech
  • A Radiation Tolerant Approach to COTS Data Acquisition – Dave Lowney, Systems Engineer, Curtiss Wright
  • From Compliance to Benefit? Combining Static and Dynamic Software Analysis in the Context of DO-178C – Dr Sabine Poehler, Product Manager & Royd Lüdtke, Director Static Code Analysis Tools, Verifysoft Technology

11:00am – 12:30pm – Data, Data, Data

Big data provides big challenges – accurate testing of big data is essential to ensure accuracy of results. With so much data available, how do we analyse the right data to get the right results and how do we best use this data to demonstrate testing successes.
Chair: Paul Hart, Curtiss Wright

2:00pm – 4:00pm – Bridging the Development Phase to In-service Phase

Once tested and compliant, how do we ensure the smooth transition and implementation of systems? How do we successfully ensure prototypes become reality? How do we get from the development phase on time and to budget with increased pressure on minimising delays to in-service?
Chair: John McHale, Editor, Avionics Design Magazine

  • Lufthansa Technik*
  • Marijan Jozic, Industrial Development Leader, KLM*
  • ACATS – Airworthiness Compliance Automated Alert Tracking System – Eric Hasslacher, Founder, Pilot Maintenance Consulting
  • Compact and Distributed Testing System Based on Modular T-Cell Technology – Aziz Tahiri, Technical Marketing Manager, ECA Group
  • The Role of Flight Test Instrumentation System in Supporting System Integration on Prototype Aircraft – Jarot Sugiharto, Flight Test Instrumentation System Engineer, Indonesian Aerospace