Established in 1983, Aitech offers commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) embedded computing products for rugged defense, aerospace, industrial and astronautics (space) applications. The company provides industry-standard, open architecture VMEbus, VPX, CompactPCI and high speed serial fabric-based boards and products including: • Integrated COTS Computers and Subsystems • Single Board Computers (SBCs) • Carrier Boards • Video and Graphic Boards • GPGPU Boards and embedded products • I/O Boards • Memory Boards • Ethernet Switches • Power Supplies • Rugged Enclosures • Development Platforms Having pioneered the development of true military VMEbus products for use in mainstream defense and aerospace applications, Aitech utilizes its broad base of off-the-shelf products and technologies to also develop customer-specific solutions when so required, to deliver superior cost-performance and reliability, and expedite time to market. Applications for Aitech’s products range from mission computers, fire control processors, mission control and autonomous robotic subsystems for ground vehicles and trains as well as surface and subsurface naval platforms, to tactical and strategic fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft, and low- to high-earth orbit and deep space vehicles as the International Space Station and the future replacement of the space shuttle. Aitech’s target customers are system integrators developing products for the defense, aerospace, industrial and commercial markets.