ARINC 818 Training

Complex ARINC 818 Systems – Certification Training

Great River Technology will certify those participants who successfully complete a written exam on the ARINC 818 protocol and who demonstrate hands-on testing and troubleshooting proficiency.

An AEE hands-on workshop: Tuesday, June 19, 2018
Cost of the workshop is €495.00

ARINC 818, the Avionics Digital Video Bus, has been adopted worldwide as the video bus of choice in both commercial and military aircraft cockpits. It is used not only in mission computers, video processors, MFDs, PFDs, HUDs, HMDs, but also as a sensor interface. Updates in ARINC 818-2 can accommodate operational speeds up to 28 Gb/s. It is also gaining as the standard for high-speed sensors, including both IR and visible-light sensors.

This hands-on workshop will provide a deep dive into the ARINC 818 protocol, and its applications. It is appropriate for system architects, avionics engineers, and production test engineers. Whether you are new to ARINC 818 or have completed many designs, this workshop will provide valuable information that draws from GRT’s experience as the world leader in ARINC 818 tools and systems.

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Workshop Sessions and Open Lab

9 a.m. – Overview of ARINC 818
What Is ARINC 818?
Current Commercial and Military Applications of
New Capabilities and Topologies in ARINC 818-2
Break and hands-on
equipment demos

10 a.m. – Best Practices in Testing, Simulating, Debugging, and Validating ARINC 818 systems
Break and hands-on
equipment demos

11 a.m. – Implementing ARINC 818 Protocol in Your Hardware
Break and hands-on equipment demos

12 p.m. – ARINC 818-2 for High-Speed Sensors and Complete Video Systems
Break and hands-on equipment demos

2 p.m.–4 p.m.—Open Lab and Certification Test


Get hands-on experience with:
• ARINC 818 format converters
• ARINC 818 video and protocol analyzers
• ARINC 818 robustness testing and error-injection tools
• ARINC 818 frame grabbers
• ARINC 818 switches
• ARINC 818 HSC (high-speed coax) at 3.1875 Gb/s with bi-directional communication
• ARINC 818 video concentrator (multiple cameras over a single link)
• ARINC 818 IP development board
• ARINC 818 embedded hardware
• ICD development
• Troubleshooting ARINC 818 links

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Who Is Using GRT’s Equipment?
Airbus, BAE, Boeing, CAE, CARERI, CMC, ELBIT, Embraer, Flight Safety, GE, Honeywell, L-3, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Samsung, Selex, Thales, and many other world-class aerospace companies.



Tim Keller (MSEE), Director of Marketing for GRT, served on the original ARINC 818 committee and drafted key sections of the specification. He served as the Industry Editor for the ARINC 818-2 revision in 2013. Prior to joining Great River Technology in 2005, Mr. Keller worked for 16 years as a control systems engineer for real-time embedded systems at Honeywell.

Paul Grunwald (MBA, BCompSc) is Chief Systems Architect at Great River Technology. His 30-year engineering and product-management career includes systems architecture at GE Intelligent Platforms and applications engineering at Philips Semiconductors. He has worked with ARINC 818 for six years and written a number of white papers on the protocol.